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Call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops Review
Player Chronicle -- Posted on Nov 28 2010

So Call of Duty Black Ops has been out for a couple weeks now so I though I would give a review of the multiplayer aspects of this game. I'm currently a 2nd prestige level 12 if you were wondering.

The Good
Weapon Balance- The guns in Black Ops are very balanced. Of course you have a couple dud guns and a couple great guns, but overall it is very balanced. The only problem I have with the weapon balance is the sub machine gun hip fire is a little to... laser-beamish, if I may say, but it isn't that big of deal.

Killstreaks- I love how the killstreaks do not build on each other in Black Ops. It is nice knowing that a bad player cant camp his way to a five killstreak,which even the worst of players can do, and get a chopper gunner. Now instead of that tactic, you actually have to get the kills from your gun which makes for the game being much less frustrating with all of the air support. Unfortunately the care package is back, but that isn't a huge and plus a lot of people don't run it.

Perks- I really like the perks in Black Ops. I think it is really good that Stopping Power and Juggernaut have been removed from the game. The rest of the perks are very balanced, however it seems like you seem Ghost, Sleight of Hand the most with the green perk changing a bit. The pro perks are very very hard to get without actually trying to get them, which can get a little frustrating but oh well.

Customization- There is a lot to customize in Black Ops. There are a large amount things to make you unique in Black Ops. You blue perk determines what your character looks like. You can then add face paint which I personally love doing, Lightweight and Banshee I believe is my favorite looking combo so far. Then there is your player card. You can change the background and also customize an emblem. As it does get very annoying seen male and female body parts as peoples emblems, but if you can get by that there are some super cool and super creative emblems out there.

Statistic Tracking- There are some many stats being tracked in Black Ops it is amazing. I love being able to see my rank in each gametype, and not just overall. Another really cool thing is how there is actually a win streak counter now so you always know what you are on, and your overall best win streak can be found in a different location. It tracks everything from guns, killstreaks, and medals you earn in a game. I've never been so interested in the stats of a game before, who ever thought of all of this at Treyarch, he needs to get a raise.

Treyarch- Treyarch is great about their community support for their games. The game is only two weeks in so obviously it can't be flawless yet, but at least Treyarch is working to make it better and they are listening to us unlike Infinity Ward. Plus they are so active in the community and really care about us and giving us a good game to play. Let's just look at a quick example, the care package glitch. In Modern Warfare 2 the care package glitch took about a month or two to get fixed, the one in Black Ops, and I know a lot of you are saying there wasn't a care package glitch in Black Ops, but there was but Treyarch patched it so fast, roughly a day or two, that we never even knew about it. This is just one example of why Treyarch is the better Call of Duty studio in my opinion.

The Bad
Nuketown- Enough said

RC-XD- This is not a huge issue, I would like to point that out, but I see it to be a problem that I have died from this killstreak more than any in Black Ops. It should be a 5 killstreak and then it would be perfectly fine. A 3 killstreak, and 2 with Hardline, is just to easy for a free kill in my opinion.

Knife Lunge- The knife is a little to good in Black Ops. It seems like the lunge is massive and that knifing is almost better then shooting at very close quarters situations. I even heard they changed their button layout back to Default from Tactical because the knife was better then drop shotting. Now, I do keep in mind that this could be part of lag and that it just looks like a huge lunge, but I think it is pretty universal that the knife lunge is big. I wish they would go back to the Call of Duty 4 style of knifing where it was just a slash and not a lunge. I heard they patched this already, but playing today I could not see it. I do think this is one think though that they are working on and probably will be fixed before long. Another problem with the knife lunge is panic knifing. If you don't know what that is, it is when you see someone, get scared, and just end up hitting the knife button on your right analog. If they switched the Tactical and Default button layouts around so that the B button was knife I think that would be awesome.

Hit Detection/Lag- I put these together because it is hard to tell which is the overall problem. The hit detection in Black Ops is very hit and miss, no pun intended. Some games you will be perfectly fine, and some games you will unload on a guy, and he will simply turn around and kill you. This is usually more of a session by session problem then a game by game problem. You will usually have a few good hours, followed by a few bad hours. Of course there are your exceptions where you may have bad detection during a good streak, and good during a bad, but that is expecting. This problem of course could be due to lag. I have watched plenty of kill cams where I know I shot the guy and he wont die and he kills me. On my screen I unloaded on him, but when I watch the kill cam, I didn't even shot. This is just something you are going to run into with online games, especially ones that use player hosts and don't have dedicated servers. I really wish the game had dedicated servers, but it never will, not on console at least, I think the PC crowd already has dedicated servers. Overall this can become a big issue when someone won't die when you shot them, but what can you do about it, it has always been a part of online gaming.

Normal Call of Duty BS- Whenever you pick up a Call of Duty game, you go into knowing that there will be some shenanigans taking place while you play. Boosters are back, but you can now report them and they are much less common since you can't use Tactical Insertion in Free-for-All anymore. Of course there will still be your camping, your bad teammates that would rather sit on the wrong side of the map going 2-30 while you try to grab an objective, and your other random stuff that comes with Call of Duty. This is not a game mechanic problem in anyway, however wouldn't it be cool if you could report a guy for camping? This is just how Call of Duty works, it comes with the fun of it.

Overall I give this game an 8/10 so far. The hit detection and lag is to big of a problem for me to give it a higher rating, but if I figure it out or if it gets fixed I can see this game easily rising up with that rating. I don't want you to think I'm saying this is a bad game at all, because it is not. I really do enjoy this game, it, along with every other Call of Duty made, just gets a little frustrating sometimes. I hoped you guys liked this and I will be doing another one once I am 5th prestige if I continue to prestige, or after another 2 days of in game time. If anyone wants to play just add me or invite me if your already on my list. GT: lilbiz73


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