Friday, October 1, 2010

Starport GE

Starport: Galactic Empires

By: Justin Knott

Insuperab1e (XBOX 360)

Pwnster (GOG)

Starport: GE is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for the PC developed by PlayTechTonics. You take on the role as a Space Ship Captain sailing the stars for fame and riches. Released in the early 2000’s, Aaron Hunter (Toonces) has used his small team to accomplish a lot for the ‘little man’.

Once gameside, you can trade, fight, establish a colony, establish a corporation, and gain experience.

There is an Item Mall of witch costs real life money, $1 gets 1,000 Admiral Tokens called tokens or tokeys in game. Minimum purchase of $10. You can buy fuel, weapons, and a special ship for these tokens. Tokens are restricted to the server you have them on. 5,000 tokens makes one account wide tourney, and you can cash them in on many servers and get 4,000 tokens back.

There are 3 times of games:

· Perma’s are permanent games with no set end date. Every month the top 100 monthly and overall receive 1 point for last place and 100 points for first place and everywhere in-between respectively. Once the server ‘dies’ it will close and the top 25 will receive tourney points and trophies.

· ReBangs, are games that last anywhere from 2 weeks to 52 weeks, at the end the top 100 receive points like a perma and top 10 get medals or trophies depending on the game time.

· Blitzkrieg, is a fast paced game of capture and hold, work as a team or die trying.

· Gameplay: 7/10 – A lot of Hackers and Admirals Club gives too much advantage

· Graphics: 4/10 – While it is improving it is still a top down 2D space game

· Sounds: 3/10 – Shotty Music, iffy sound effects…

· Overall: 4.6/10

Starport is not rated by the ESRB.

******Personal Opinion Area******

I have played SGE from about Oct 2006-June 2010, in that time I have seen a lot of good and bad things happen. Corps rise and fall, and players build friends and rivals. Toonces the admin seems driven by tokens, rumors have it you can bribe him to get someone banned, or get unbanned. The game has been generally fun if you know the right people. Myself and Nine-Breaker a former player came together and made a trailer located here:

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